About Brentwood Boot Camp Jo & Sue

Jo & Sue Brentwood Boot Camp

We have a combined working experience in the fitness industry of over 25 years. During that time we have attended numerous teaching and training courses to enable us to continue to deliver the latest & most effective forms of exercise.

It has been proven that high intensity interval training ( short bursts of high energy work combined with low intensity exercise) is THE way to successfully change your body shape/ weight/ improve fitness level and ultimately increase your metabolism dramatically in the long term !!!!! in short lose weight and keep it off !!

SO …… that is why we have set up our “Brentwood bootcamp” business, we are so passionate about helping people to achieve their fitness and health goals, we also enjoy teaching people what really works and not gimmick lead classes that don’t deliver results.

Our aim is to include all fitness levels and to let people know that we can make you fitter, you don’t have to be fit to do our bootcamp (unlike some bootcamps) we will tailor the sessions so that everyone can benefit .

We have many ideas and formats that we’re really excited about.

Come and give it a try for yourself,

You have the choice to receive a discount on one of our pay up front options or have the flexibility to pay as you go. Please see the payment options on the home page.

We look forward to seeing you at Brentwood Boot Camp Soon.




Sally McManus:
Boot Camp - Everything hurts in a good way, great all over exercise experience!

Theresa Mackay:
Thanks for a great work out this morning at boot camp, I ache like hell but it was definitely worth it. Looking forward to the 11th when we start all over again lol.

Rachel Aley:
Really enjoyed boot camp on saturday!! Thanks for the hardcore, but brilliant work out. Lots of fun too. Will definitely be coming back! Xxx


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